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McKenzie Method® Treat Your Own Back Book

Treat Your Own Back – Easy to follow patient book. Providing you with an active self-treatment plan to resolve & manage back pain.

This patient handbook provides an easy to follow self-treatment plan to quickly and effectively diagnose, treat, alleviate and manage debilitating back and related pains, even for the long-term sufferer. First published in 1980 and the first in best-selling Treat Your Own series by internationally renowned Robin McKenzie OBE, this book distils the essence of the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy®, as taught to medical professionals worldwide, in an easily accessible format direct to the sufferer. Numerous international studies have confirmed that the McKenzie Method® allows patients to take control of their own pain and postural management, cure sciatica amongst other complaints, avoid surgery and a long-term costly dependence upon clinicians.

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14 reviews for McKenzie Method® Treat Your Own Back Book

Based on 14 reviews
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  1. I read this because I had a back emergency. I started reading this book just before midnight because I needed answers and applied the info as I read. By 2am I was able to get up off the floor and climb into bed. I repeated the exercises the next day and had an 80% reduction in pain and regained as much movement. I’m still on a journey of learning the root cause and long term rehabilitation. But the information here got me functional again

  2. Bad back remedy. Very informative book , well written easy to understand

  3. This has been a great resource for me in working to heal a herniated disc in my back. I was in an incredible amount of pain when I bought this, and had been for about 10 weeks! I read it in one day, and tried the stretches and exercises that they recommended. They worked wonders. My physical therapist (who I started seeing to build strength in my back) said he would have offered me the exact same stretches and exercises for healing the injury.

  4. Perfect book – learn how to relieve muscle back pain. This book has helped me recover from my back pain more than any other resource I have used. This includes medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapist and others. Simple little book that explains and teaches you good practice before, during and after the back pain. Simply perfect book to learn how to relieve muscle back pain and strain.

  5. A must read for back sufferers!!!! Don’t just accept pain killers and rest! This book was first recommended to me by my physical therapist. A fast easy read that really helped me to understand the root of my back problems, how to give myself real relief (without drugs), and also how to prevent future issues. I found this to be much more informative and effective than the advice I had received from a number of doctors, chiropractors and specialists I had seen for lower back spasms and sciatica. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK to anyone suffering with back problems and over the years have given copies to people I’ve met along the way.

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