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McKenzie Method® Treat Your Own Knee Book

Treat Your Own Knee. Easy to follow patient book. Providing you with an active self-treatment plan To effectively treat & prevent knee pain.

This patient handbook provides an easy to follow self-treatment plan to quickly and effectively diagnose, treat, alleviate and manage debilitating knee and related pains, even for the long-term sufferer. First published in 1983, second in the best-selling Treat Your Own series by internationally renowned Robin McKenzie OBE, this book distils the essence of the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® as taught to medical professionals worldwide, in an easily accessible format direct to the sufferer. Numerous international studies have confirmed that the McKenzie Method® allows patients to take control of their own pain and postural management, avoid surgery and a long-term costly dependence upon clinicians.


This is part of our The Complete Treat Your Own McKenzie Series – click here to save!


8 reviews for McKenzie Method® Treat Your Own Knee Book

Based on 8 reviews
  1. Anonymous

    I’ve used two of his other books with great results. This book is no different. It’s made an amazing difference in my knee. After a months use it’s 60 to 70% better. If your looking for an overnight fix this isn’t it. If you read the whole book and do what he says in the order he says it should definitely make it feel better.

  2. Frances Pisano

    This book is great. Simple and works

  3. MaryEdith

    Very informative

  4. Algona

    The book explained how the knee works. The exercises are helpful. However, they didn’t help me that much since I had a tear. Had to be careful with the knee flexion. I used the Treat your own Neck from the same author and it worked wonders for me. The knee is different and may or may not help.

  5. Bob Reynolds

    All the McKenzie books are small, easy to read and well organized. The progression of exercises will let your knee heal. Don’t rush it; be patient; do the exercises. It works!

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