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Which Roll is For Me?

To compare all specifications of our rolls, please download our McKenzie Rolls Summary sheet here.

Round Roll


The Round Roll was the first-ever lumbar roll to be made in the world! The current rolls are developments of the 1968 prototype. The Round roll compresses easily whilst still providing medium-firm support.

Suited for

Particularly suited to larger framed people, or for those with a pronounced lumbar lordosis (hollow in the base of the back) for everyday use. Also great for smaller/medium framed people when sitting on softer furnishings like a sofa or armchair, or sitting up in bed.

Slimline Roll


The Slimline Roll is a popular choice for office workers or for those using dining chairs whilst working from home. It is a very popular roll that has proven corrective qualities, relieving the pain and discomfort resulting from inadequate universal seating and assisting with postural maintenance.

Suited for

Most body types. Ideal for elderly or petite persons, with limited range of motion in their low back and/or those who require some light support in maintaining an upright posture. This is our least intrusive roll.

Super Roll


The curved shape of the Super Roll contours comfortably around the body and sits well with most office, dining and car seating. The size and shape are very similar to the Slimline Rolls, however the Super Rolls provides a much firmer lumbar support.

Suited for

Most body types. Particularly for those who are of small/medium build and/or require firm support because of back issues. Also suitable for medium/larger build who require some firmer support in maintaining an upright posture



An inflatable lumbar roll, easily adjustable support from minimal to firm. Compact and portable.

Suited for

Ideal for commuters and travellers, and for use at the theatre, sporting events, movies or restaurants, etc.

Neck Roll


The Original McKenzie® Neck Roll Provides medium to firm support to the cervical structure and maintains the
natural curve of the cervical spine. Place in your pillowcase, on top of the pillow and along its lower edge.

Suited for

People who suffer from neck pain, particulary when lying down, or upon waking up

Night Roll


The Original McKenzie® Night Roll supports your lower back and prevents strain that can be caused by unfavourable sleeping positions/surfaces. Attach around your waist (between pelvis and ribcage). Can be used lying on your back or side.

Suited for

People who suffer from lower back pain, particularly when lying down, or upon waking up. Waists measuring 80-95 cm (M) or 95-110 cm (L)

The McKenzie Method®

The McKenzie Method® is based on the premise that most musculoskeletal disorders of the spine and extremities, are mechanical in nature and most importantly, that 80% of sufferers are able to treat themselves and avoid recurrence.