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How to use The Original
McKenzie® Rolls

The Orginal McKenzie® Rolls were developed to empower patients to treat themselves. 

How to use your Lumbar Roll


Sit as far back in your seat as possible, lean forward and place the roll just above your belt line.


Now lean back against the roll so the hollow in your lower back is firmly supported.


If you wish to secure the roll to your chair, clip the buckle at the back of the chair and tighten the strap to keep the roll in place.

PLEASE NOTE – it may take a few days to adjust to this new sitting position.

How to use your Neck Roll


Place the roll between the pillow and pillowcase, so that it will be in the right position to give added support to your neck.


This position is usually found where the edge of the pillow comes in to contact with your shoulder.


Initially, the Neck Roll may feel uncomfortable and you may have to adjust your position slightly. After two or three nights’ use you should be accustomed to the roll and may well feel uncomfortable without the extra support.

How to use your Night Roll


Lie down on your back on a mattress that is supported on a firm solid base.


Tie the roll around your waist where you normally wear your belt. When you lie on your side, the roll should fill the natural hollow in the body contour between the pelvis and the rib cage. When you lie on your back, the roll should support the lower back.


Initially, the Night Roll may feel slightly uncomfortable. After 2–3 nights you should be accustomed to the roll.

The McKenzie Method®

The McKenzie Method® is based on the premise that most musculoskeletal disorders of the spine and extremities, are mechanical in nature and most importantly, that 80% of sufferers are able to treat themselves and avoid recurrence.