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The Original McKenzie® Super Lumbar Roll

The Original McKenzie Super Lumbar Roll Provides Superior Lumbar Support

Our Super Lumbar Roll provides the ultimate in functionality and aesthetic value (within the Original range).   We named it the Super Lumbar Roll because it was the only lumbar roll within the Original McKenzie range to be made with injected moulded foam, which retains its supportive qualities for an almost indefinite period. This foam is superior to the cut foam used in the Original Slimline and Round rolls.

The curved shape of the Super Roll contours comfortably around the body and sits well with most office, dining and car seating. The size and shape are very similar to the Slimline Rolls, however the Super Rolls provides a much firmer lumbar support.

The flatter, curved shape contours comfortably around the body and sits well with most office and dining chairs. Within the Original range, this roll is suitable for most car seats. It provides a FIRM lumbar support which has proven corrective qualities, relieving the pain and discomfort resulting from inadequate universal seating, and assisting with postural maintenance.

Suited For

Most body types.
Particularly for those who are of small/medium build and/or require firm support because of back issues. Also suitable for medium/larger build who require some firmer support in maintaining an upright posture.


Measurements: 360mm (length) x 160mm (height) x 60mm (depth)
Foam: Superior Injected moulded foam
Density: Firm
Cover: 3mm foam in-between two tricot layers.
Straps: Adjustable straps with side release buckle

IMPORTANT: due to hygiene reasons used rolls are non-returnable.


This is part of our Original Super Bundle – click here to save!


Please go to our ‘Which Roll Is For Me’ Page to help you make a decision in choosing the right roll for you.

8 reviews for The Original McKenzie® Super Lumbar Roll

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  1. I am a truck driver and use these rolls all day, every day, to aid with chronic osteo-arthritis in my neck. If ever I forget my roll I am in considerable pain within minutes of starting work. I’ve had 4 or 5 of these rolls over the years and wouldn’t be without one.
    My only issue I have with them is the covers wear out before the roll itself.
    The old roll was 410mm long and the new one only 360mm. This is quite noticeable with use and causes me to roll off the side while cornering, so I would prefer the old length roll.
    Cannot fault the service from McKenzie Institute though.

  2. My 2nd one. Love it the size is perfect.

  3. The super roll makes the pain in my back disappear. I have one in my car and I can travel distances arriving pain free. Great support

  4. I have just purchased 2 more of these – one for me and the other for my very tall son who also gets a sore back when driving. These rolls are awesome – makes driving a lot more bearable for us both (I typically do 70,000 km/yr). I purchased my original one many years ago – it’s worn right down to the foam! Great service!

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